About Me

Hi my name is Ana, I'm a senior and this is my first year of Cross Country. The previous years i was in volleyball but i decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something I've never done which is run. Before i joined the team i hated running and get tired really easy but now i am able to run at least three miles everyday. Even though there are times when i don't feel like running, i always feel so good when feeling sweat running down my face and back after a run. I joke around a lot and love to hear funny stupid jokes. Many may think i am shy, which i may be at times, but if you get to know me I'm actually not. There are times when i laugh really hard i cry,  which i get from my mom. Something that people find a bit odd from me is that ill eat mustard with anything and almost everything.  I come from a big family of 14, including my parents. I have 7 brothers and 5 sisters. My two oldest sisters are married and had a kid and my oldest brother moved out a few months ago. However they all still visit very often with there children.
As a student i am not the smartest but yet I'm not the dumbest. I've never had straight A's but yet I've never gotten lower than a C. The subject that seems to me the easiest would be English however it is not my favorit but  I do like learning new vocabulary words. I'm not the best at math but i do like it when i fully understand it. I use to be a lot worse in math than i am now. In my middle school and elementary years i never passed my math classes with an A however in Geometry and Algebra two i did, meaning i have gotten better in my mathematical skills. I'm a verbal learner, i cannot learn simply by just looking at a text book. It has to be explained to me and i have to have practice  the material a few times in order to fully understand it. And as for science i find it very interesting. Except for chemistry which i absolutely hate.

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