Monday, September 30, 2013

SV#1: Unit F Concept 10 - Finding all real and imaginary zeroes of a polynomia

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In my student video i will be teaching you how to find the possible rational, positive, negative, and all zeros of a polynomial, along with the complete factorization. I will explain how to use Descartes rule of signs to help you get your pq's and from that it will be easier to get your zeros. With your zeros you will be able to get the complete factorization. You will be doing step after step after step.
You will need to pay special attention when getting your factors from your zeros of the quadratic formula because you need to make sure it has an x or else it will not be a factor. Although you will be dealing with square roots you will still be able to find your factor your zeros with the steps i show you just make sure you are doing each step correctly and carefully. It is a long process but  you will be able to do it:)

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