Friday, October 25, 2013

SP#3: Unit I Concept 1- Graphing Exponential Functions

     This problem is about knowing how to identify the x-intercept, y-intercept, asymptote, domain, and range in order to graph it correctly. You must know the equation y=a(b)^ (x-h)+k and the meaning behind each letter in order to find certain parts of the graph. To find the x-intercept simply plug in 0 for y and to solve the y intercept simply set x=0. For the domain, there are no x-value restrictions and the range depends on the asymptote. Last but not least, the key points should be based after finding you x and y intercepts.

     It is important to pay attention to your "a" of the equation because it gives you a lot of information upon the graph without solving anything. Knowing whether its positive or negative tells you where your graph should end up being and it may also determine whether you will or will not have an x-intercept in accordance to your asymptote.

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