Friday, November 22, 2013

Fibonacci Beauty Ratio Measurements

After looking over the results, Ismael R. is the most “beautiful” based on the Beauty Ratio because of his average proportion, 1.67, which is closest to 1.618, the Golden ratio. To be the “most beautiful” your body must be equally proportioned to a certain number of centimeters after dividing the measurements. Elizabeth was also close to the golden ratio and in my opinion of her and Ismael’s faces; they have nice structured features, such as their nose and jaw. They do not have any odd features. However, I do not think that the golden rule really determines the most beautiful person because I still think the others in which I measured are still good looking even if their ratio wasn't near the golden rule. Different and special features is what I think make a person beautiful. There shouldn't be a certain proportion one should have in order to be seen as beautiful.

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