Monday, March 17, 2014

BQ#1: Unit P Concepts 2 and 4: Law of Sins and Area Formulas

2. Law of Sins: Why is SSA ambiguous?
It is ambiguous because sometimes the three parts that are given will one triangle, two triangles, or not not one triangle at all. Below is an example of a two triangle.

4. Area Formulas: How is the “area of an oblique” triangle derived?  
It is derived from the triangle area formula= 1/2bh. In order to know the height of we have to make two triangles by drawing a line down the middle from angle B. We then label that line h because it is the height. With the given information above in the picture, we take the sin of A and equal it to Sin C. We multiply C to each side leaving us with CsinM<A=h. Next, plug in 1/2bh and we get A=1/2b(asinC). For a better understanding click the link below watch the video:

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